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Temtec’s history dates back to 1973 when the agency first set up as a specialist supplier of personnel to the building services industry.

Thanks to its consultants’ extensive networking capabilities and personal-service approach bringing unprecedented results, word of mouth quickly boosted the agency’s reputation and they found themselves serving well known organisations such as the Department of the Environment, global engineering companies, such as WS Atkins, Ove Arup and Brown & Root.

2011: New Blood

Temtec continued to thrive throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s despite ups and downs in the economic climate and, having successfully weathered more than one recession-fuelled financial storm and emerging intact the other side, they are, in 2011, proud to welcome on board new director Bradley Staines.

With a longstanding background in the services industry, Bradley Staines understands very well the importance of a can-do, solution finding attitude, and of the personal service that earned Temtec its reputation and allowed it to maintain its standing in the industry for so many years.

Temtec: Fresh-Thinking Technical Sector Recruitment Specialists

Temtec may have a history dating back almost 40 years and still retain many of its traditional service values, but the agency as it stands today is also forward-thinking, fresh in ideas and dedicated to all the things that really matter in today’s commercial environment.